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    W4-62 high temperature centrifugal fan

    W4-62 high temperature centrifugal fan
    Product category:Centrifugal fan

    Product introduction

    W4-62 high temperature centrifugal fan Application:

    It is suitable for conveying 250℃-950℃ weak rot, unnatural gas, gas dust content and hard particle concentration is not more than 150mg/m3. Generally used for all kinds of heating furnace exhaust gas.

    Type W4-62 high temperature centrifugal fan form:

    1, This series of fan is single suction type, fan transmission mode: C, D, type two.

    2, the series of fans can be made into two forms of right-handed and left-handed, from one end of the motor face, the impeller rotates clockwise to the right rotating fan, to "right"; Rotating counterclockwise is called the left rotating fan, represented by "left".

    3. The exit position of the fan is expressed by the exit Angle of the housing. "Left" and "right" can be made into 6 angles: 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°.

    Structure of Type W4-62 High temperature centrifugal fan:

    The fan is composed of impeller, housing, air intake, transmission group and other components, and is equipped with an adjustment door.

    1, the impeller, the impeller blade is bent forward.

    2. The air inlet has a streamlined overall structure of collecting type and is bolted to the front cover plate group.

    3. The casing is made of low alloy steel plate

    4. Transmission group, composed of spindle, water-cooled bearing box, coupling and so on

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