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    x45.25 Oblique flow fan

    x45.25 Oblique flow fan
    Product category:Oblique fan

    Product introduction

    The oblique-flow fan produced by Zhoukou fan, also known as mixed-flow fan, is a fan between axial flow fan and centrifugal fan. The impeller of the oblique-flow fan makes the air move in both centrifugal and axial directions. The movement of the air in the shell mixes the two forms of movement: axial flow and centrifugal.

    I. Overview

    The cooling device for cement kiln is a kind of cooling equipment. It is mainly used for cooling kiln body when burning cement clinker in cement industry, and can be used for cooling other rotary kilns. This device is a portable air cooling device.

    Ii. Structure

    This equipment is composed of trolley frame, windmill and nozzle.

    Trolley frame: welded by Angle steel.

    Fan: The fan adopts the inclined flow fan. It is an important part of the air cooling device. The fan is composed of cylinder, impeller, motor and so on

    3. Technical parameters

    Performance parameters of Model x45.25 oblique fan


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