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    SJG oblique flow fan

    SJG oblique flow fan
    Product category:Oblique fan

    Product introduction

    SJG series inclined flow fan

    I. Overview

    1.1. SJG oblique flow fan is shaped like a drum. Due to its small inlet and outlet, it speeds up the airflow velocity and improves the pressure coefficient. When the machine number is the same as that of the general axial flow fan, its flow and pressure are both greater than that of the general axial flow fan, which is especially suitable for the place with small space for pipe installation.

    1.2. The fan is divided into more than a dozen specifications of 200-800mm according to the turbomachinery number. The series air volume is from 200-25000m3/h, and the total pressure is from 50 to 1200Pa. In order to meet the needs of users to adjust the performance of different working conditions, frequency conversion motor and frequency conversion controller can be equipped to realize stepless speed regulation. It is recommended to adjust the frequency lock at 25Hz~50Hz.

    1.3. In order to meet the needs of explosion-proof environment, the fan can be made into explosion-proof fan, and the explosion-proof grade is EXdIIBT4.

    1.4. In order to meet the requirements of noise in different places, the fan can be equipped with mufflers of different lengths, or the fan can be made into a coated type.

    1.5. FSJG stands for FRP inclined flow fan.

    2. Working conditions

    Operating temperature: -20~+40℃;

    Humidity: less than 90%;

    Medium conditions: air (dust content not more than 100mg/m3);

    Working power supply: three-phase, 380V/50Hz.

    Iii. Application

    Fan can be widely used in civil buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, restaurants, museums, gymnasiums and other ventilation places, especially suitable for small space of pipeline installation.

    Iv. Configuration

    4.1. Standard configuration

    ● Impeller; ● Casing; ● Electric machine; ● Foot.

    4.2 Alternative Parts and Accessories (indicate whether to purchase when ordering)

    ※ Vibration reduction equipment; ※ Control box; ※ Net cover; ※ Butt flange.

    Five, SJG oblique flow machine processing technology

    5.1. The fan impeller is made of steel, the hub is hydraulically drawn, the blade is hydraulically formed after stamping, and the blade and hub are welded and assembled.

    5.2. The outer cylinder flange is made of integral flanging and spinning.

    Vi. Performance parameter table of SJG oblique flow fan


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